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Our Team teaches First Aid to Scouts and Guides and other volunteers ...

The Scouts NSW Division of St John Ambulance Australia (NSW), also known as the Scouts' First Aid Team, covers the geographical area of three Scouting Regions: Sydney North Region, where it was founded back in the 1990s, Greater Western Sydney Region, and South Metropolitan Region. Our Trainers sometimes go further afield, and have taught First Aid in Mittagong, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga, as well as targeted courses for specific-interest groups, like a Game Fishing Club and a Four Wheel Driving Club.

Our reason for being is to teach first aid to Scouts Australia and Guides Australia members and to offer first aid support to their activities. We occasionally receive enquiries from similarly oriented groups of volunteers, and we are happy to accept them into our classes if room remains after the Scouting and Guiding needs have been met.

Bookings – All Classes

Bookings for all classes conducted by the First Aid Team are managed by St John Ambulance Australia (NSW). Contact the person nominated in the Contacts information at the bottom left of each page of this web site.

If you have difficulty booking into a course at any time, contact the Chairman of the First Aid Team at one of the contact numbers shown at the bottom of this page immediately under 'Contacts'.

South Metropolitan Region (SMR) Classes

Bookings for South Metropolitan Region First Aid classes are managed by St John (see Bookings - All Classes above).

However, please direct your preliminary enquiries about South Metropolitan Region classes to Michael Turner (telephone 0419 287 457) or David Shaw (telephone 9558 7619, after hours, ).

Venue for the South Metropolitan Region First Aid classes: Please see the FAQs page.

Sydney North Region and Greater Western Sydney Region Classes

Bookings for Sydney North Region and Greater Western Sydney Region First Aid classes are managed by St John (see Bookings - All Classes above).

Where is Barra Brui? Please see the FAQs page.

Booking Procedure

Booking for a class involves contacting St John Ambulance Australia (NSW) by telephone. Contact details are shown at the bottom left of each page of this web site. St John's policy is that a contact will only be regarded as a booking once course fees are paid in full. For course fee payment options, see Course Fee Payment.

Fees for the various scheduled classes are tabulated on our Fees page.

When booking, you may be asked for your Unique Student Identifier (USI) .

Member Prices

The member prices on all first aid courses are available to all members of the Scouting and Guiding communities. The parents of all Scouts and Guides in all sections are members of the Group or Unit Committees, and hence members of the Association entitled to the member prices. Similarly, siblings of Scouts and Guides can attend at member rates. Parents and Leaders should avail themselves of the opportunity to gain first aid skills and qualifications at very favourable prices.

The Closing Date

The closing date is two weeks before the class. This is so that the Bookings Secretary can assess whether the class is viable. If the numbers are sufficient, St John will register the class. If we have found that a class is not viable at the closing date, and have cancelled the class, we have no way of resurrecting it when a flood of late bookings arrive in the last two weeks, as much as we would like to. Sadly this has happened on a few occasions, so please don't leave booking until the last moment.

If we determine that a course is viable and register it, more bookings from adults may still be accepted after the closing date unless the course is already full. Therefore, if you wish to enrol for a course, it is always worth enquiring even after the official closing date – there may still be room to accommodate you. However, Scouts Australia's rules regarding the Activity Notification Form (E1) preclude us from accepting further bookings from minors after the closing date.

After you have made and paid for a booking with St John, and soon after the closing date, St John will send you an enrolment letter. This will confirm your booking status, and give you further details about the class: what to wear, what to bring, how to find the venue, and any other requirements that Scouts Australia has imposed upon us. This may mean completing a Scout Activity Notification Form (E1) (PDF file, 142kB, opens in a new window).

Another requirement of Scouts Australia (NSW Branch) concerns classes where there are youth members of different gender to the Leaders present. Scouts insists that we must refuse the booking of a candidate in such a situation. The problem arises most often with Emergency Life Support classes, when we have female Scouts and Guides but the Trainers allocated to the class are both male, as many of our Trainers are. In such cases, we must ask a Leader or parent of the girls attending to come to the class all day as a chaperone. If no chaperone is available, Scouts says we cannot allow the girls to attend.

So we can only accept girls into our classes if a female adult is present.


Substitutions of one candidate for another may be made, but only by arranging them with St John. Various eligibility considerations apply to the new candidate, and we must adhere to the requirements that Scouts Australia has imposed upon us. Ad hoc substitutions carry the risk that the new candidate will not gain a certificate because of not being entered on the Class Roll or that the new candidate will not even be admitted to the course. Diverting the Trainer's attention at the beginning of the course causes delays and inconvenience to the other candidates as all our courses make full use of the time set down.

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Enquiries about First Aid classes and bookings:
Contact St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)
by calling 02 9745 8888

(or 1300 360 455, if calling from outside
the Sydney Metropolitan Area)
and asking for Scout First Aid courses.

St John Customer Service personnel
will take bookings by telephone between
8:00am and 5:00pm on week days,
and between 8:30am and 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

To complete the emergency contact section of the E1 form,
enter the Chairman of our Team, John Crowley,
as the Emergency Contact.
His mobile telephone number is 0409 393 215.

Enquiries about First Aid support
or other First Aid related matters:

Please telephone The Chairman, John Crowley MStJ,
on 02 9874 4852 or 0409 393 215 (best contact)

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General Enquiries to the St John
Scouts NSW Division First Aid Team:

Direct emails to:

Written correspondence:
The Chairman
Scouts NSW Division
St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)
PO Box 301

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