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Course Fee Payment

All bookings and course fee payments must be arranged with St John. The contact details are shown at the bottom left of each page of this web site.

St John accepts course fee payments by credit card and possibly by electronic funds transfer, if pre-arranged with them.

(1) Credit Card:

Have your card handy, and pay by credit card during the telephone call in which you make your booking with St John.

(2) Electronic Funds Transfer:

Please pay your course fee to:

   Account Name:    "St John Ambulance Australia NSW"

   Bank:                   Commonwealth Bank

   BSB:                    062000

   Account Number:  10334887

When you have paid, please send an email to:

Include the following details:

   Course Type: eg. PR1 for Provide First Aid - One Day, or PR2, ELS, PRS,

      AF4, PAR, PPM, as appropriate

   Course Date:

   Course Location:

   Attendee Name:


   Date of Birth:

   Contact Telephone Number:

   Unique Student Identifier (USI): (If you have one, and it's a good idea to get one.

       See the USI entry on our Links page.)

Please attach a copy of your EFT receipt to the email.


From 1 January 2017 ...


Student Rate ^

Adult Rate ^

Advanced First Aid (4-day)



Advanced First Aid (3-day, w/o PR1)



Advanced Resuscitation



CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)



Emergency Life Support



Pain Management



Provide First Aid PR2 #



Provide First Aid PR1 #

The prior learning requirements involve choosing between work book and online options. The work book option costs an extra $15.00. See the entry on the

Provide First Aid - One Day page



Remote Area First Aid (PRS)



Where your course fees go ...

In earlier times, there used to be a component of the total fees paid for a course which was retained by our team to defray our considerable expenses in purchasing equipment, such as defibrillators, to support Scouting and Guiding events. This ranged from $10.00 to $25.00 per course, depending on the level of course receipts. Additionally, $5.00 from each candidate's fees were paid to the Scouting owner of the premises as hall hire. The remainder of the course fees were paid to St John.

Since 1 January 2014, course fees no longer have a component which is retained by our team: all fees go to St John and hall hire. We no longer have any income from conducting First Aid training.

^ Student Rates and Adult Rates

Student Rates are available to school students, Scouts, Guides, Girls Brigade, and Duke of Edinburgh participants attending courses run by community trainers. Our team's trainers, as volunteers, are regarded as "community trainers".

Adult Rates are available to other individuals attending courses run by community trainers, and to Pensioners and University Students in public courses.

First Aid Trainers

All of these courses and all St John Ambulance Australia (NSW) courses up to, but not including Occupational First Aid, are free of charge to First Aid Trainers.

# Provide First Aid Course Fees :

It may seem curious that the course fees for the two-day full Provide First Aid course and the one-day Recertification and e-Learning courses (PR1) are so similar. However the cost of the course is based on the materials used, part of the cost of course development, the cost of issuing the certificates, and a small subsidy towards the cost of St John Ambulance's volunteer services. Scouters teach the courses as volunteers, so there is no labour or other time-based component.

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Enquiries about First Aid classes and bookings:
Contact St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)
by calling 02 9745 8888

(or 1300 360 455, if calling from outside
the Sydney Metropolitan Area)
and asking for Scout First Aid courses.

St John Customer Service personnel
will take bookings by telephone between
8:00am and 5:00pm on week days,
and between 8:30am and 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

To complete the emergency contact section of the E1 form,
enter the Chairman of our Team, John Crowley,
as the Emergency Contact.
His mobile telephone number is 0409 393 215.

Enquiries about First Aid support
or other First Aid related matters:

Please telephone The Chairman, John Crowley MStJ,
on 02 9874 4852 or 0409 393 215 (best contact)

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First Aid Team Area

(Private: Members Only)

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First Aid Team Webmail

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General Enquiries to the St John
Scouts NSW Division First Aid Team:

Direct emails to:

Written correspondence:
The Chairman
Scouts NSW Division
St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)
PO Box 301

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