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Valé Terry Crawley

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Sadly, Terrance Ernest Crawley OStJ, known to us all as Terry, passed away on 10 January 2011. Terry was an Ambulance Officer, a member of St John Ambulance and a Scouter, and he brought these skills together to create the Scouts' First Aid Team. His teaching inspired many young Scouts. Terry was a true friend, a real gentleman, always good humoured, warm and fair to everyone, and is greatly missed by the team. His legacy of saving lives will be carried on by the Scouts he has taught, and by future generations of first aiders.

As a lasting memorial to Terry, at the Annual General Meeting of the Scouts' First Aid Team on Thursday 16 February 2012, the Chairman of the Scouts' First Aid Team, John Crowley MStJ, dedicated the team's training room at Barra Brui Scout Hall as The Terry Crawley Training Room.

Some photographs from our archives showing Terry teaching in the team's early days ...

Terry Crawley tying St John Sling

Terry demonstrating the St John Sling

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Terry Crawley demonstrating Recovery Position

Terry demonstrating the Recovery Position to an interested group of Venturers and Leaders

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Visit to NSW Ambulance Aero-medical Retrieval Services Base

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On Thursday 20 October 2011, five members of the Scouts' First Aid Team visited the NSW Ambulance Aero-medical Retrieval Services Base at Bankstown airport to inspect the extensive facilities at the base and learn about the operational procedures.

Special Casualty Access Team (SCAT) Paramedic Chris Wilkinson showed the team the headquarters and the helicopters. Each of the helicopters costs about $19 million to purchase and fully set up with a range of medical and rescue equipment. The cost to fly them is around $6,000 per hour, which covers fuel, medical supplies and drugs, rescue gear and the crew. The crew consists of the pilot, navigator, doctor and a NSW Ambulance Paramedic. Fortunately the NSW Government pays for anyone using this aerial service, with casualties billed only the standard vehicle ambulance cost, hopefully funded by each casualty's ambulance insurance.

Based at Bankstown airport and other centres around NSW, including Lismore, Tamworth, Newcastle, Dubbo and Wollongong, and Canberra in the ACT, the helicopter teams provide rescue and medical services for critically ill and injured people in less accessible situations. They rescue people by winching them from cliff faces or water, those trapped in wilderness areas, and from serious vehicle accidents where specialist on-scene medical care is required.

Should Scouts on their expeditions into remote areas have the misfortune to become seriously sick or injured, the NSW Ambulance Helicopter Emergency Operations Service is ready to rescue and evacuate them to hospitals across the state.


First Aid Team Updates Their Skills

(as published in Sydney North Region's 'Compass', March 2013, and 'Scouting in New South Wales', Autumn 2013)

Advanced Resuscitation - Administering Oxygen

Advanced Resuscitation – Administering Oxygen

Advanced Resuscitation - Administering Defibrillation

Advanced Resuscitation – Administering Defibrillation

Members of the Scouts NSW Division of St John First Aid Team spent Sunday 10 February 2013 at the Barra Brui training centre (south St Ives) updating their skills on defibrillators, oxygen delivery systems and Penthrane analgesic treatment. Even trainers have to keep their skills current, and they undertake this course annually.

All members of the Scout Association, from Cubs to Rovers, as well as Leaders plus parents of members are welcome to book into a St John First Aid course conducted by these trainers. All course types, dates, fees, locations and booking information are on the web site:

Be prepared for an emergency: Do a St John First Aid course!


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Enquiries about First Aid classes and bookings:
Contact St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)
by calling 02 9745 8888

(or 1300 360 455, if calling from outside
the Sydney Metropolitan Area)
and asking for Scout First Aid courses.

St John Customer Service personnel
will take bookings by telephone between
8:00am and 5:00pm on week days,
and between 8:30am and 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

To complete the emergency contact section of the E1 form,
enter the Chairman of our Team, John Crowley,
as the Emergency Contact.
His mobile telephone number is 0409 393 215.

Enquiries about First Aid support
or other First Aid related matters:

Please telephone The Chairman, John Crowley MStJ,
on 02 9874 4852 or 0409 393 215 (best contact)

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