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Provide First Aid — One Day (PR1)

The Provide First Aid — One Day course is an intensive refresher course, depending on the candidate studying the full scope of Provide First Aid by completing a work book or e-learning sessions, and then attending one day of assessments. There is no actual teaching involved. This nationally approved course leads to the 'HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid' qualification, valid for three years.

Please choose whether you wish to undertake the work book option or the online learning option.

The online learning option involves private study at the St John Ambulance Provide First Aid e-Learning web site. (There is no fee for this.) Undertaking this study is important for success in the assessment at the one day course.

The work book option involves St John Ambulance (NSW) sending you a copy of the Australian First Aid manual and a work book prior to the course. This option costs an extra $15.00. If you choose this option, please tell the St John bookings contact person by calling the telephone number shown for bookings at the bottom left of this page. Do this well before the course.

For a listing of the scope of the Provide First Aid — One Day (PR1) course, see the St John web site.


If you are not confident of your First Aid knowledge and skills by having done an equivalent level course in the previous few years, we suggest you do some private study via the internet at the St John Ambulance e-Learning site so that on the one-day course you can be assessed as competent in Provide First Aid (in CPR, wound management, casualty management and first aid theory — see Assessments).

(Note that using the St John Ambulance e-Learning web site requires that Adobe Flash is installed on your computer. The e-Learning web site provides a link.)



Other than the age-related considerations – see the First Aid Classes page and the Provide First Aid – Two Days page, there is no requirement to have previously gained a Provide First Aid qualification ('HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid').

However, covering the whole Provide First Aid syllabus (normally taking two days) in just one day means a very intensive course, and many find there is insufficient practice in casualty management to become confident in using their skills as first aiders. If you haven't previously gained a Provide First Aid qualification or equivalent, we strongly recommend that unless you are a very confident person, or have some background knowledge of First Aid, that you undertake the two day Provide First Aid course as your first First Aid training.

Our experience is that Scouts and Venturers, generally, do not get enough practice in casualty management at the Provide First Aid PR1 one day course to be confident to act as first aiders. Adults with greater life experience are not quite so disadvantaged.

So PR1 candidates are advised to

Linking with Remote Area First Aid ...

Remote Area First Aid is a remote-only course of three-days duration which updates Provide First Aid on the first day. (See the Remote Area First Aid page.)

Provide First Aid PR1 Classes

Bookings: See the 'Bookings' page and the contact information at the bottom left of each page.
If you have difficulty booking into a class,
(1) Be sure to specify to St John Customer Service the course number of the course you're booking into, (The course number is the long number just below the course date in the list of courses below.)
(2) If you're still having difficulty, contact the Chairman of the First Aid Team at one of the contact numbers shown at the bottom of this page immediately under 'Contacts'.

Fees: on the 'Fees' page.

Unique Student Identifier (USI) required at booking.

Barra Brui Scout Hall
Kingsgrove Scout Hall

Note: For Provide First Aid PR1 Classes, please choose from work book or online options.

See the red text at left.

Class Dates
Class Numbers

Closing Dates


There are no more Provide First Aid (One Day) classes scheduled in 2018.


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Enquiries about First Aid classes and bookings:
Contact St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)
by calling 02 9745 8888

(or 1300 360 455, if calling from outside
the Sydney Metropolitan Area)
and asking for Scout First Aid courses.

St John Customer Service personnel
will take bookings by telephone between
8:00am and 5:00pm on week days,
and between 8:30am and 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

To complete the emergency contact section of the E1 form,
enter the Chairman of our Team, John Crowley,
as the Emergency Contact.
His mobile telephone number is 0409 393 215.

Enquiries about First Aid support
or other First Aid related matters:

Please telephone The Chairman, John Crowley MStJ,
on 02 9874 4852 or 0409 393 215 (best contact)

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